Meet us, a trio of young, enthusiastic and carefree souls, who have embarked upon this quest to find an outlet for our musings and speculations, an attempt to show you the world through our eyes. We’re here to give you a whiff of our thoughts as they get brewed..



Most of y’all are confused when it comes to choosing.. Be it anything.. Where to eat? What to watch?! Which book to read? Would that be a good place to visit? What? Where? How? Why? When? Too many questions, not enough answers.. We guarantee you, we’re in the same boat too !! And so, we thought, we’d make it a li’l bit easier for you to decide, by telling you what we think about it. You can accept or reject our opinions as you read through “That’s just what I think” !!



Often, in the midst of our busy routines, we pause and take an account of what’s happening around us and within us. These thoughts.. Sometimes they’re quirky and bizarre, sometimes they’re maddeningly sane.. Sometimes it’s nothing but plain, simple words. Some leave us in hysterics, while some make us question our very existence.. Sometimes, things are just the way they are, unfinished.. Yet there’s nothing amiss.. Flawed, yet hauntingly beautiful; Imperfectly perfect; We’re here to pin all those down, so that you and we, together, can laugh, cry (out of joy of course), and ponder on such notions.. Dive deep into this ocean of swirling thoughts with us as you read through “Unspoken echoes”.. 



Daily checklist:
Vitamin D – check
Caffeine – check
Earphones – phew! Almost left it behind!
Something to ponder upon – oops! Lemme quickly read through “Here’s your daily dose, adios!”