Humans are supposed to be the most evolved species, the smartest, most superior of all living things.
Are we?
Look around you, look at the people;
Everyday I find a new reason to question ourselves,
Everyday I see more animalistic behavior in people,
Everyday I come across something that makes me ashamed of us.

Everyday I think
Human beings have forgotten being human.

We have failed, in so many ways.

We’ve failed
when we don’t allow people to be in love with anyone they want
when we don’t consider depression to be an actual illness
when we are just hell bent on proving that our problem is bigger than the other person’s
when we don’t let anyone be who they are without instantly judging them
when we force people to hide anything about themselves for fear of being judged.

We’ve failed because we don’t understand and accept
that each individual is different, is beautiful the way they are,
that everyone has the right to have a normal life, to not be laughed at.
To live.

We’ve failed,
Because my friend felt the need to hide the fact that he has a sister
who is slightly autistic.
We’ve failed because he went around telling people he was an only child, for fear of being judged.
Because his sister has no idea, that everyday, he lies, so that no one has a chance to laugh at her, mock her.
Because she doesn’t understand why people avoid her, why her brother lies about her existence…

We’ve failed
Because we don’t have an open mind.
We don’t welcome these people into the society,
we don’t make them feel loved, or wanted,
we refuse to see the bright side of anything,
always disregarding, neglecting, looking down on anything that is even slightly different from “normal”.
Because we’d rather change people to fit into the social norms than break the stupid idea of “norms”.

You’re allowed to be different, to be unique, only within the preset normalcy.
No one gives a thought about how much we could grow, how many new things we can adapt from others.
We’ve so much to learn from everyone, but we refuse to do so…
Only because they aren’t what you consider “normal”???
Only because they don’t fit into the stupid social norms?

If being normal means losing touch of my innocent side, then I don’t wanna be normal.
If being normal isn’t finding happiness in the littlest of things, then I don’t wanna be normal.
If being normal means leading a dull and boring life, judging anything and everything, sticking to the rules laid down by the society,
I don’t wanna be normal.

It’s high time we change.
Obviously change isn’t something that we can achieve overnight.
Change takes time, it takes perseverance and patience.
But let’s start by taking baby steps;
Let’s start
by telling people it’s okay,
It’s okay not to be normal,
It’s okay to be who you are,
It’s okay to trust you because you won’t judge them.

This year,
Make people feel loved, feel accepted, feel comfortable.
Give them the greatest gift you can give someone;
Just let them be who they are with you.


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