She was loud, bold, making a statement wherever she’d go..
She was a chaotic mess, hauntingly beautiful, capturing everyone’s attention..
You’d be mesmerized, caught in her spell,
Her laughter echoing in your ears,
Her coldness ripping you apart.
Thundering and roaring, you’d hear her before you see her,
Her colors ever changing, from the alluring blue to the stormy grey,
She’d flow seamlessly, young, wild and free…

Until one day, he came along,
Joined her in her spree..
He came into her life, a blessing she’d never asked for.
Never once judging, never once trying to stop her,
Instead he joined her, in her madness.
They danced together, to the merry tune of nature..
They’d flow seamlessly, intertwined in perfect harmony..
He was a perfect match for her, the peace and quiet against the fiery soul.
Together they rushed and gushed,
Down the mountains and into the jungles,
Always with each other, in perfect sync…

Then, the day arrived, when everything would change.
Their world would be turned upside down, as the earth opened up, tearing them away.
It was a matter of minutes that destroyed them.
Making sure they’d never meet again. Separated, for eternity.
It was like the universe was jealous of them, and therefore unleashed her wrath upon them…
Nothing was the same again,
As she turned into fury, screaming and thrashing about,
The merry madness now turned to insanity.
And he?
Well, he turned into a quiet mess, receding into himself, almost ceasing to exist.
Thus their story was left unfinished.
Left hanging with a question mark,
A what if?
A why?
No one had the answers, all one could do now, was just wonder
How cruel could the fates be to break them apart.

The world made sure that their unfinished story never died, being passed on for generations to come.

An ineffable tale of an ethereal connection.
Two souls, so perfect for each other, that the universe couldn’t take it.


BTW, Could you guess that the entire narrative was a tale of 2 rivers ?!


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