Favourite dialogue:

“Mera haal na Gupta uncle ke jaise ho gaya hai.

Gupta uncle ko na cancer ho gaya tha. Unhone kabhi sharab nahi pi, cigarette nahi pi, phir bhi cancer ho gaya.

Isse achcha toh pi hi lete.”

Heya folks!! This week, we’re back with a movie review of the beloved Kangana starrer, Queen… If ‘Tu ghanti Big Ben di, puura London thumakda’ started playing in your minds too, hi-five!!

The movie opens with Rani in her middle-class Delhi household, the entire clan gearing up for her wedding the next day. The mehndi function is going on, and Rani’s thoughts are scattered with excitement and nervousness, making her go from “why is chintu not taking pictures” or “why is mummy not wearing a saree” to how her first night might go. The wonderful song that has made its way to the must-play list at every wedding, London thumakda, comes up here to begin the movie on a high note.


Pic: Poora London Thumakda!

The next scene makes your heart hit rock bottom, as her fiancé Vijay, a self-obsessed jerk who thinks too high of himself just because he’s foreign-educated now, dumps her casually in a coffee shop, just a day before their wedding. The reason he quotes is that his lifestyle has changed and Rani won’t be able to easily adapt to all of it, but it’s evident that he thinks that Rani is beneath him now. Rani and her family are shattered, obviously, and she shuts herself in her room for a day. She eventually asks her parents to go on her honeymoon alone, since she’d been dreaming about it for a really long time. And so, a girl who hasn’t even stepped out of Rajouri garden on her own, heads to Paris and Amsterdam all alone, and thus begins her journey of self-discovery.

She reaches Paris and feels like a fish out of water. She is naïve and is still learning about the world, stepping out of her comfort zone, discovering new things in a new place. She is not judgmental; she is just surprised to know how the world functions. As her discomfort grows, she decides to go back to India. On her way back from the traveler’s office, she is followed by a robber who tries to steal her handbag. She refuses to give it up, lying down on the road and squealing and holding on to it till the end. When he finally lets go and she runs away from him, Rani runs into trouble with the cops, and is saved by the hot single mom Vijaylakshmi who works as a waitress in the hotel she’s residing in. Befriending Vijaylakshmi, she explores Paris, visits places she dared not visit alone, crosses all things out from her checklist, lets herself out of her cage and has complete fun! The scene when she gets drunk for the first time and has an emotional rollercoaster of mood swings is one of the best scenes of the entire movie, and the dialogues that ensue are sure to stick in your head and make you go LOL. The peppy remix of ‘Hungama ho gaya’ is sure to make us sing along and shimmy to its tunes!! Rani cancels her decision to go back to India after she gets comfortable and enjoys to the fullest. Once, when Vijaylakshmi takes her shopping, Rani accidentally sends a selfie in modern attire to Vijay instead of Vijaylakshmi. Unbestknown to her, this revives Vijay’s interest in her, and he starts trying to hunt her down. After a hell of a time in Paris, Rani sets off to Amsterdam on her own. Vijaylakshmi’s parting dialogue to her ‘Vijay nhi hain toh kya hua.. Vijaylakshmi toh hain!!’ makes Rani emotional, and probably makes her realize she’s finally moving on and is actually quite happy without him.

Pic: Rani with Vijaylakshmi

Pic: Rani crying her heart out

On arriving in Amsterdam, to her horror, she learns that Vijaylaksmi has booked her stay in a hostel, meaning she’ll have to share her room with 3 other guys. She does not trust them easily, and sleeps outside in the hallway at night. She freaks out and starts crying when they wake her up in the middle of the night so that she can sleep in the room, and they sleep out instead, but this is the point where she realizes that they are not so bad after all. The lizard scene the next morning is one of the most hilarious scenes of the movie, and it brings all of them closer. She gets comfortable with Taka from Japan, Tim from France, and Oleksander from Russia, and they have memorable adventures together, covering all extremes right from visiting a store-front brothel to deliver a package to Vijaylakshmi’s friend, to visiting a church and learning about Taka’s parents who passed away in the Tsunami. She meets an Italian guy who is the owner of a restaurant, enrages him when she suggests that his food is bland, agrees to be his cook for a cooking competition, prepares gol gappas which are a hit among the crowd, accepts her fancying of the Italian chef and has her first lip-to-lip kiss of her life with him!! The ‘Hing ko English mein kya bolte hain?’ chain of phone calls is yet another hilarious scene of the movie.

Pic: Rani with Oleksander, Taka and Tim

Pic: Rani selling gol gappas at the cooking competition

Throughout the movie, through flashbacks, it is shown how Vijay was a typical male chauvinist and controlled her life while actually restricting it and lowering her self-confidence, and those are compared with her situations on her honeymoon where she actually learns she is capable and feels liberated. Vijay finally manages to hunt her down in Amsterdam, and is waiting on the staircase of her hostel when Rani is on her way back after celebrating her success in the cooking competition with her friends and with champagne. After a brief apology which is more like a demand, Vijay is back to his old jerk self, trying to control Rani’s life and making her feel bad about everything she’s doing. A shuffle ensues, where Oleksander asks Rani if she needs help, which enrages Vijay. Rani breaks up the fight before it turns into something ugly, and informs Vijay that she’ll meet him the next day to discuss things further. The next day being the 4 roommates’ last day in Amsterdam, she drops out of the plan of going to a concert because she has to meet Vijay. The Rani who meets Vijay is now a strong, independent woman who knows her worth and will take no bullshit from the likes of him. When he says bad things about her new found friends, she decides that he doesn’t deserve her time, and ditches him to enjoy the concert with her friends one last time.

When she lands back in India, she asks her father to directly drop her off to Vijay’s place. As we viewers are internally groaning, thinking that this might just be another typical Bollywood movie where the estranged lovers are reunited and there’s apologies and forgiveness and happily-ever-after scenes, we all are pleasantly surprised to see Rani returning her engagement ring to Vijay, saying a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to him, and walking out as independent and confident as ever!

Queen is a movie which everyone will definitely enjoy watching, and one that every woman, ditched at the altar or not, must surely watch! Do let us know your opinion of the movie in the comments section below, and let us know about more such wonderful movies!

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