‘Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful too’
I’d always loved this quote. It was something that always gave me hope.
Not anymore.
Not since the last sunset.

The sky was lit up with different shades of orange and pink. It was the most beautiful it had been in a long time. It was a cool breezy evening and the streets were filled with children running around, laughing and playing, teenagers just hanging out, couples taking a romantic stroll and the elderly people just sitting on the benches, sharing the latest gossip.
Me? I was going to meet him, for the first time since he left, 5 years ago. I wondered if he still looked the same. The stormy grey eyes, brown curls, freckles dusted all over his nose and that tiny mole over his lip.
I sighed as I sat down on one of the benches, waiting. I sat there, in anticipation and excitement, taking in everything around me, my eyes seeking him. I had been sitting there for about half an hour and I was starting to lose hope, starting to think he might never show up.
And then, I saw him.
My breath hitched as the world slowly came to a standstill.
His hair was lit up with the orange glow of the sky and his face looked heavenly. The sunlight hitting his face gave him a mystical glow, as he stood with his phone to his ear, looking like a Greek God.
I picked up his call, and even before he could say hello, I said, “left”.
A slow smile crept onto his face as he turned, and I was left breathless.
He did look the same, only a thousand times more handsome.
We just stood there, drinking in each other.
I started to make my way towards him, when suddenly I was thrown back.
Everything around me turned orange. The street was burning with the orange flames licking up everything. I could hear people screaming and running around. In the distant, I could hear the sirens wailing.
Chaos surrounded me.
I screamed for him.
I couldn’t lose him, not today, not now.
Nothing else mattered, only he did.
I got up and started to make my way through the think cloud of smoke.

It all lasted for about and hour and a half, just enough for the sun to set on this horrible day.
As it set, silence enveloped us. No more screams, no more cries.
Just the sound of people breathing, hiccuping, and moving around,looking for people they knew.
I made my way to where he was standing. I didn’t know what to think, what to feel, what to expect.
I knelt down next to him, my fingers running through his hair.
5 years.
5 years I had waited to see him again, to meet him,and this is how I got it.
I wanted to scream at him to wake up, to look at me, but I didn’t.
I couldn’t.
‘Sunsets are not the end, on the contrary, they give us hope for a new day, a new beginning. Because however long the night lasts for, the sun will rise again’
But as the sun set that evening, I wished it never rose again.

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