Short Stories are like a sniper’s bullet.

Fast and shocking.

In a story, I can make good bad and bad badder and, most fun of all, really good really bad.

-Jeffery Deaver


All of us love surprises, innit ?! And all of us book/movie/series buffs are even more in love with them when it comes with a surprise ending !! This absolutely stunning collection of short stories by Jeffery Deaver is like the king of surprise endings, they make your mind go WHAAAAAAAAAT !!

The art of writing short stories requires more creativity and skill than writing an entire novel. For the longer versions will have enough bandwidth for character introductions, describing the places and setting the backdrop, beginning the story, developing it with detailed descriptions, and then building it towards the finale. The writer can set the pace and the readers can read it in their own pace. It’s a long journey the author takes with all the readers, a lot can happen over time. Whereas, in a short story, that’s not the case. Most of the action would have taken place before the writing begins, and the author has to cover all of that, and details about the characters, places, storyline, everything within a short span, and also make sure to make it interesting enough so as to grab the readers’ attention. Just as the readers get a hang of what’s happening and settle into the drift, the story has to end and deliver its purpose. Now if all this has to be done parallelly along with weaving a surprise ending into the tale, it’s sure a daunting task. Jeffery Deaver has skillfully mastered this art, and presents to us 16 such wonderfully crafted short stories, all having surprising, or rather “Twisted” endings.

As the book itself is titled “Twisted”, we are sure to be on the lookout for twists and surprises in the storyline. We would read through the pages thinking and formulating the endings in our minds. Just as we think we know what’s gonna happen, the story jumps into a most unexpected lane, and we are sure to gasp/stare/laugh out loud at the bizarre turn of events! In retrospect, we realize that each story is littered with hints and clues, skillfully disguised within the lines. Even as you still struggle to grasp the shocking ending of every tale, you are left lingering with thoughts as to how things would go on if the story continued further. As you are still in the jetlag of one story, you are dragged into the world of another as it takes you on a whole new journey, and you will soon be pulled into the excitement of thinking what surprise is in store in this one.

For Jeffery Deaver fans, there’s a pleasant surprise in store, as there’s a short story specially written for this collection, featuring Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs, titled “The Christmas Present”. Reading about your beloved characters in this new avatar is very refreshing. For others who haven’t read any of Deaver’s works yet, this is a very good book to start with, as you’ll get a grasp of his ingenuity portrayed brilliantly. You can quickly read through all the stories and marvel at the sheer wittiness of the author. Do give it a try and let us know which twisted short story is your favorite !!

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